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Acrylic Outward Swing Door Walk In Bathtubs

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Our Ella Acrylic Outward Swing Door Walk In Bathtubs are our latest product line which presents a fresh new design. Ella’s Bubbles has walk in baths that are constructed with the highest grade acrylic with an easy to clean white gloss finish. The acrylic shell is reinforced with fiberglass and supported by a stainless steel frame and leveling legs to adjust. All models come standard with two front access panels and one end panel. Each model comes with the hydro jetting option and can be ordered with a left or right side door/drain position. The outward swing door allows for easier accessibility and contain three latches to increase strength and stability against the water pressure. The Ella Acrylic Outward Swing Door Bathtub line is the first in the industry to include a roomy two seat bathtub, Tub4Two, that has an outward swinging door and a hydro massage diverter. Our Acrylic Outward Swing Door Bathtubs will soon include extra features such as ozone sterilization, chromatherapy, air jetting, heated seating and much more. Select a tub to go to the product page for complete product information, manuals, and specifications.

29.5” x 52” x 43”

walk in tub in jackson tn The Ella Malibu is a common sized outward swing walk in bathtub. It’s the perfect size for the average body type and comes with two options: dual massage and hydro massage. It offers a large seat width of 22.5 inches which makes for plenty of room to relax in. It offers a new and unique style that provides a beautiful aesthetic.

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26.75” x 59” x 43”

walk in bathtubs jackson tn A narrow and long tub that is great for lounging back and stretching your feet out. It comes with two types of massage jets massages, dual or hydro, to rejuvenate achy muscles. It boasts a 19.5 inch seat whilst being one of our narrowest tubs. This means there is still plenty of room to sit back and relax. It also features an outward swing door for easier access inside. It has a sleek modern design that with liven up any bathroom.

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31.75” x 60” x 42”

walk in tub jackson tn The Outward Swing Walk In Bathtub is a great option for couples. It’s a common sized two seater that is perfect for sitting back and enjoying a nice bath with your significant other. It comes in two options:dual massage and hydro massage. It comes with all the features that create a more calming experience. It’s acrylic shell and chrome accessories add a nice shine to your bathroom.

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36” x 80”x 42”

deluxe walk in bathtub Our biggest walk in bathtub yet! This roomy two seater walk in tub allows you and your partner to comfortably stretch out your legs and relax. This walk in bathtub has an outward swing door and a low threshold to make it easier to get in. Its sports hydro and air jets to maximize your relaxation with your partner. With an acrylic mold, designer chrome fixtures, and a frame-less outward swing door your Big4Two will add a beautiful modern touch to your bathroom.

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26.75” x 52” x 43”

two seat walk in tub A small tub that is good for anybody who has a smaller space to work with. It more easily fits down hallways and doors, but doesn’t sacrifice comfort to do so. It’s seat is 21.5 inches wide even though it’s a slim walk in tub. It has hydro massage option or dual massage option to increase your bath experience. With it’s new, unique design it can greatly compliment any bathroom.

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Outward Swing Door Walk In Bathtubs – Textured Acrylic

bubble walk in bathtub The Ella Outward Swing Door Walk In Bathtubs are made of a textured acrylic shell and feature a unique aluminum outward swinging door for greater accessibility. There are two types of outward swing door walk in bath tubs: easy step in and wheelchair accessible or wheelchair transfer walk in bathtubs. The wheelchair accessible walk in bathtubs are the perfect solution for wheelchair users or persons with low mobility by allowing the bather to sit down and slide in. The door shape is designed to swing over an existing toilet for maximum ability to open. All 17 inch seat heights are ADA compliant, along with mounted grab bars and reachable handles.

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